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Hamilton County, Texas
Found in April of 1887 - Iron, IAB-sLM (IIICD)


Historical Notes: In April, 1887, a farmer by the name of Frank Kolb struck the meteorite with his plow in a field about five miles south of Carlton, Texas. About a year later he consigned the iron with a Mr. J.D. St. Clair, where it was sold to Prof. Edgar Everhart (1854-1932) at the University of Texas. In June of 1899 the entire 82.5 kg iron was acquired by Ward and Howell where it was studied, cut, and sold through their sales catalogues.


Barringer, R.W. (1961), List of Meteorites in the Collections of The Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia. Self-published.

Howell, E.E. (1890), Notice on two new iron meteorites from Hamilton Co., Texas, and Puquios, Chili. The American Journal of Science, 140, pp 223-224. 


Collection No. B268.1 - A 8.47 gram etched part-slice.

Provenance: Ward's Natural Science Establishment; by transfer The Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia (ANSP).

Specimen Notes: The Ward's specimen card is written by the hand of George L. English (1864-1944), who was Ward's manager of their Mineral Department from 1913-1922.

Above: Photo excerpt from Barringer's 1967 ANSP Catalogue. Note the matching collection number and specification as to what tray it was stored in. Below: modern-day ANSP specimen card.

Above: Engraving depicting the entire mass of the Carlton meteorite. (Howell 1890)

Above: The beautiful Thomson Figures and Schreibersite shown etched in the Carlton meteorite. Carlton is a IIICD belonging to the low-Au, Medium-Ni subgroup (sLM) of the IAB complex.