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Updated October 29, 2020

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Discovered in 1966, Washington State - Iron, IVA

Found 1938, New Mexico. H5 Chondrite.

A 31.85 gram part slice off a parent piece from IOM. Painted number is unknown. Includes original label from IOM. Measures approx. 60 x 31 x 10 mm.


Found 1951, New Mexico. H3-6 Chondrite.

A large, 804 gram end cut from IOM with two sets of painted numbers. Of note, Abbott has been known to contain lithic carbonaceous fragments. This is a wonderful cabinet display stone. The cut face in in its original institutional condition, with an unpolished face. Measures approx. 115 x 89 x 49 mm.

$2,000 (only $2.49 a gram!)

A complete slice of an extremely rare locality -- my home State of Washington. Albion is a bit of an enigma in that it contains botryoidal vugs -- in iron! This 644.6 gram slice shows multiple vugs and has an old, unknown painted collection number.


Discovered in 1898, Mexico - Iron, IC

A beautiful 771 gram end-cut whose provenance goes back to David New in February of 1988. This is a hefty hand-sample that displays well in the cabinet and includes a label from The Jim Schwade Meteorite Collection. Measure approx. 120 x 76 x 32 mm.


Discovered in 1969, Namibia - Stone, H4

A 199-gram slice of Gobabeb with provenance from two major collections. Gobabeb is an H4 that was found in 1969 on the flanks of a sand dune about 8 miles SSE of Gobabeb, Namibia.

This robust cabinet slice measure approx. 137 x 92 x 7 mm and exhibits fusion crust along ~65% of its edge.


Discovered in 1954, New Mexico - Stone, L6

A 130 gram robust part slice originating from the source institution --  IOM. Chico has an unusual appearance due to numerous tiny vesicles and round, chondrule-like shock features. Measure approx. 80 x 60 x 13 mm.


Discovered in 1863, Atacama, Chile - Iron, IAB-MG

An attractive, silicated coarse octahedrite and old 19th century find from Chile. This 81.23 gram part-end originates from Bob Haag. Measure approx. 55 x 35 x 17 mm.


Fell October 15th, 1972, Venezuela - L5 Chondrite

A 146-gram part-end of Valera, Venezuela -- The only documented meteorite to have killed. This seldom-seen larger size is accompanied by a copy of the signed affidavit attesting to the events surrounding the fall. It also includes provenance from two major collections.

Valera is an L5 that fell on October 15th, 1972 on the El Tinajero Farm in Venezuela. The stone had apparently struck and killed a cow and was found broken into three large pieces.

This cabinet display piece measures approz. 98 x 90 x 15 mm at its widest points, and exhibits fusion crust along one edge.

$3,750 -ON HOLD-