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Updated March 17, 2021

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Found 1938, New Mexico. H5 Chondrite.

A 31.85 gram part slice off a parent piece from IOM. Painted number is unknown. Includes original label from IOM. Measures approx. 60 x 31 x 10 mm.


Fell October 15th, 1972, Venezuela - L5 Chondrite

A 146-gram part-end of Valera, Venezuela -- The only documented meteorite to have killed. This seldom-seen larger size is accompanied by a copy of the signed affidavit attesting to the events surrounding the fall. It also includes provenance labels from two major collections: The Piatek Collection and Michael Cottingham.

Valera is an L5 that fell on October 15th, 1972 on the El Tinajero Farm in Venezuela. The stone had apparently struck and killed a cow and was found broken into three large pieces.

This cabinet display piece measures approx. 98 x 90 x 15 mm at its widest points, and exhibits some fusion crust along one edge. There is an unpolished saw mark on back from previous cut.