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Updated January 25, 2019

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A large set of original volumes of Marc-Auguste Pictet's scientific journal, Bibliotheque Brittanique. Pictet's journal played an important role in the foundation of meteoritics, allowing crucial information regarding the fall of stones, along with many other scientific topics, to cross channels throughout Europe. Examples include early reports regarding Siena, King's abstract on his book about Siena and Wold Cottage, Chladni on the Pallas iron (Krasnojarsk), Biot's letter on l'Aigle to Pictet, reports on Alais, and many more. Perhaps most notably is Thomson's historic etching of a meteorite, which predates von Widmanstatten's discovery by four years. Further reading on Thomson's historic discovery can be found by clicking >>HERE<<

This beautiful set contains  a total of 30 volumes spanning the years 1776-1806.  Three volumes are missing, though the missing volumes do not contain any meteorite-related reports. For further information regarding this set, please contact me.  $1,200

1950 - A Catalog and History

One of Nininger's most important publications - A historical account on the building of a collection that is unique in scientific history as to the manner in which it came into being. A must-have resource for any meteorite library. Nininger's catalog is also an invaluable source for information regarding the circumstances of many rare North American finds and contains information that is not published elsewhere

In addition to the well-organized catalog and history, Nininger packed his book with 38 full-page plates showing rare photos of hundreds of meteorites, many of which no longer exists in there complete form or have been lost to sectioning.

First edition hardcover. 144 pages + 38 pages of plates. An excellent copy. Binding is tight, end-sheets are tanned, small dent on edge of back cover, and pages are bright and clean
. You'd be hard-pressed to find a nicer copy.  SOLD

1862 JAMES BRUCE LETTERS, Cranbourne, Australia  

A newly-discovered set of letters with content relating to one of the most significant stories in 19th century Australian science - The Cranbourne meteorite. Click image for write-up and details.

Discovered in 1922, Texas - Iron, IAB-MG

171.8 grams. A handsome, stable example of this crater-making iron, with a patina that reminds me of chocolate truffles. It also carries provenance from the University of New Mexico's Institute of Meteoritics and can be found listed in at least one of their published meteorite collection catalogs. This is the last Odessa I have.  SOLD

Fell February 10, 1825, Maryland, USA - H5

An early American fall with provenance from the key collections of Charles Upham Shepard, The British Museum, and The Geological Museum of Copenhagen. A historical centerpiece for any witnessed American fall collection, and one of only two specimens I have seen available in the past 15+ years. Click photo for complete write-up.